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To NOURISH is not just about the food that we eat but it’s a great place to begin!

Eating healthy nutritious food is one of the foundational elements to health and wellbeing and even small dietary changes can have a huge, positive impact.

Our dietary requirements change over time, in our teens, 20’s and even our 30’s the majority of us could eat pretty much whatever we wanted and live an unhealthy lifestyle without consequence but as we enter our 40’s things begin to change, and other factors come into play!

“I’ve gained weight around my tummy that just won’t shift”

“I have no energy and struggle to wake up in the morning”

“I feel bloated and look several months pregnant by the end of the day”

“I feel exhausted by the afternoon”

“I drink one glass of wine and have a hangover”

I can relate to all of the above and I hear it from most of the women that I help, I see all too often how women can be misled, through no fault of their own, down the rabbit hole of calorie counting, restrictive diets, slimming shakes and quick fix solutions.

If this really works for you go for it, I pass no judgment whatsoever and I wish you well.

If it doesn’t work for you and you are looking for a healthy, sustainable solution read on…
I am on a mission to help women in their 40’s and 50’s to naturally transform their health, happiness and wellbeing and create a life they love full of energy and vitality.

We are all unique when it comes to our biochemical composition and in the way in which we respond to dietary and lifestyle influences. As we enter our 40’s and 50’s it is crucial that we reflect and evaluate on what no longer serves to nourish us and take the step towards making supportive, beneficial changes to our diet and lifestyle.

Are you serious about taking charge of your health, happiness and wellbeing? Are you ready for positive change?

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