I’m Lynda Humphreys and for almost 30 years I have been helping women to optimise their health and wellbeing. I am a nutritionist, health coach, holistic therapist and creative soul specialising in female health.

I am passionate about helping women in their 40’s and 50’s to transform their health, happiness and wellbeing through nutrition, creativity and self-care, allowing them to thrive with renewed clarity, confidence and focus to live their best life ever.



My Story

“Happy 40th Birthday” – I felt lost, emotional, disconnected with my creativity and in desperate need to rediscover my true sense of self.

As a holistic therapist I have always approached my health in a more natural way, I ate well, exercised and indulged in my passion for arts and crafts to support my wellbeing.

I didn’t have any sleep, energy, weight, low mood or anxiety issues and I had a regular monthly menstrual cycle. Well that was until I hit 40!

They say that ‘life begins at 40’ what they don’t say is…’life begins at 40 and you get a free, front row, ticket to the world’s scariest, emotional and most unpredictable hormonal rollercoaster called THE MENOPAUSE’.

I have never been a rollercoaster fan and I wanted to get off!

I experienced tearful outbursts, disrupted sleep, depleted creativity and a panic attack whilst driving on the motorway (super scary) and I just didn’t feel like myself.

I visited my GP, I put my symptoms down to stress as I had lots of ‘life plates’ spinning and with each day they felt like they were building momentum – I felt totally overwhelmed.

Does this sound familiar?

I was shocked when my blood results ‘suggested menopause’, I was offered HRT as the solution to my various symptoms – I was only 40 years old, I didn’t feel ready for this stage of my life that I knew so little about – ‘the change’, ‘mid-life crisis’, ‘the big M’ – I was doomed!

I declined the HRT as I was determined to find a more natural solution to my symptoms.

Regular holistic therapies really helped but I felt there was more, so I spent the next three years studying to become a nutritionist. Immersing myself in lectures, research, assignments, exams and clinical practice.

I was amazed to discover the positive impact nutrition and lifestyle can have on our health, wellbeing and thankfully my menopause symptoms.

I had found a missing piece of my natural menopause support puzzle and I felt excited to get my life back on track, reconnect with my creativity and to help other women embrace the menopause and create their best life.

Discovery Call

ARE YOU READY TO TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR HEALTH AND WELLBEING?Find out how I can help you to discover the root cause of your symptoms and guide you towards supportive, sustainable and beneficial changes to your diet and lifestyle to help transform your health, happiness and wellbeing.